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I was inspired by someone here.
safe1602669 anonymous artist2376 derpibooru exclusive25007 doctor caballeron752 scootaloo49352 earth pony211507 pegasus252855 pony871033 .svg available7763 apple15096 apron3911 base used16549 blushing180334 cleaning429 clothes420664 crack shipping3498 cutie mark43044 dishes114 eyelashes5442 eyes closed82956 female1274947 folded wings4913 food63359 fruit950 housewife200 kiss on the cheek1544 kissing22800 kitchen1615 male339264 mare433794 naked apron902 older23923 older scootaloo1784 one eye closed26658 refrigerator479 scootalleron14 shipping186539 smiling221591 stallion96234 straight126435 svg3314 the cmc's cutie marks4613 tomboy taming360 vector71926 wings84824


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Background Pony #0F32
So, is this the "good" ending? Where after all the nasty stuff, Caballeron steals Scoots away from the gang and both hide in a village in who-knows-where, where they live as a writer and his wife, writing smut stories based on "real events"?