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translation:rushed towards shy the moment the show was over
A flutterdash request from my friend https://t.co/881Cxamjau

safe1751830 artist:yaco315 fleetfoot2248 fluttershy217354 rainbow dash238723 soarin'14213 spitfire13706 pegasus309619 pony1011718 :i1612 bipedal36232 blushing204857 chinese2949 clothes476419 expressions978 eyes closed98257 female1403030 flag4027 flutterdash4616 french kiss1975 glomp438 goggles14463 grin41026 hoof hold8628 hug29150 kissing25396 lesbian99341 lesbian in front of boys577 male388449 mare502767 open mouth154670 question mark4705 raised hoof48467 shipper on deck1459 shipping205830 simple background409623 smiling261412 spread wings57152 stallion115893 starry eyes3532 surprised9597 uniform11171 white background102605 wingboner8375 wingding eyes23483 wings123384 wonderbolts3698 wonderbolts uniform5990


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