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I wanted to express how much I love the show and the characters! This isn’t even all of characters I love but I couldn’t put all of them and also get this done before October was over. I’ll miss the show but I’ll still remember all the good times watching it and the lessons I’ve learned from them.
safe1602676 artist:mintymelody107 apple bloom47167 autumn blaze3456 babs seed5596 berry punch6204 berryshine6196 big macintosh26927 coco pommel5641 derpy hooves48458 diamond tiara9768 discord29224 dj pon-328269 fluttershy201629 king sombra12993 lyra heartstrings28267 maud pie11913 moondancer4518 ocellus4784 octavia melody22822 pear butter2541 pinkie pie206181 princess cadance30825 princess flurry heart6534 queen chrysalis33120 scootaloo49352 silver spoon6234 starlight glimmer45203 stellar flare1062 sugar belle2851 sunburst6039 sunset shimmer58405 sweetie belle46981 tree hugger2642 trixie63525 twilight sparkle286451 vinyl scratch28270 zecora8890 alicorn203235 draconequus9550 earth pony211509 pegasus252856 zebra16049 mlp fim's tenth anniversary498 bonbon style18 gradient background11118 happy birthday mlp:fim1249 missing accessory7582 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117479


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