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s9e01-02 — 10

That's why he better resorts to the use of mind control masks.
("Like" if you understood the reference)
Requested by me


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Background Pony #B01C
Oh, yeah i understood well, make me embarrassed bit it was good because i know that scene is from Meet the Robinsons from Disney.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sombra:Why are you copy me again
Twilight:Why are you copy me again
Sombra:You think I'm a funny
Twilight:You think I'm a funny
Sombra:Stop it
Twilight:Stop it
Sombra:No u
Twilight:No u
Sombra:Why you little
Twilight:Why you little
Rainbow:Hey dumbhead why no de-magic your own power
Sombra:Shut up fatty Dash
Twilight:Yeah shut up fatty Dash
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> "There they are! Those repulsive half-witted friends of yours! Go, my slave! Seize the ponies! Bring them to me!"
> "……(gulps)"
> "Did you not hear what I said, you idiot?! Grab the ponies and bring them!!"
> "Well it's… just that… there's 5 ponies… over there… and they're powerful with the magic of friendship… I'm just not so sure… how well this planned was thought through."
> "……(eye twitching)"
> "……Master?"