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Let them eat macaroni
safe1598294 artist:jargon scott2167 princess cadance30754 princess flurry heart6506 shining armor21868 alicorn202188 pony867697 unicorn278156 apron3894 bipedal31190 cadance is not amused87 chalice49 clothes418917 comic102234 cute183216 daughters gonna daughter4 father and child521 father and daughter2294 fathers gonna father42 female1271290 flurrybetes860 food62955 glasses55766 husband and wife1305 like father like daughter44 macaroni32 male337843 mare431736 mother and child1452 mother and daughter5258 necktie6435 nerd839 nerdy heart62 older23778 older flurry heart1122 oven mitts181 pasta382 shining adorable519 stallion95666 sweater13310 unamused14323


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