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10 years later and no one has noticed Twilight was replaced.
The real Twilight doesn’t seem to mind. Nor is she able to anyways.
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safe2037924 anonymous artist4034 derpibooru exclusive36637 mean twilight sparkle925 twilight sparkle340116 alicorn286436 pony1390837 mlp fim's tenth anniversary590 the last problem7404 .svg available9905 :d1705 duality5064 duo131958 ethereal mane11533 eyelashes23385 female1658039 happy birthday mlp:fim1537 heart eyes24791 hoof shoes8089 implied mind control41 luna petting goose134 mare650614 petting2353 peytral5601 princess mean twilight 2.05 princess twilight 2.03407 self ponidox9760 smiling349244 solo1319561 starry mane6237 svg4574 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141679 vector85631 wingding eyes32829


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Unintentionally great symbolism. Initially Twilight’s disposition as ruler of Equestria will be similar to before, but as time goes on, her friends die, and she sees what the throne brings with it, she becomes more ruthless and tyrannical than even Celestia. Her initial lessons on friendship will work against her when reality chips away at her optimism.