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“Even after all these decades, I still miss you all. I wish you could see the world I have built…”
safe2037911 artist:t72b1265 twilight sparkle340115 alicorn286435 earth pony387481 pony1390821 mlp fim's tenth anniversary590 the last problem7404 city5539 cityscape947 clothes580879 cutie mark51724 future627 happy birthday mlp:fim1537 immortality blues696 orbit76 planet1479 princess twilight 2.03407 robe4527 science fiction832 space6106 spaceship1013 sunrise1377 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141678


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@Phantom Rider  
Star Wars is a Scifi Story with medieval Parts in it, like Star Trek is SciFi with Wild West Elements (just Classic).  
But this here is the Fairy Tales Style Story of MLP:FiM with heavy Changes in the Direction of SciFi like Perry Rhodan or an more Advanced real World.  
To give an Example with Games, it is like you place Gerald from the Witcher in the World of Cyberpunk 2077.  
Of course the World will change, but Equestria has’nt changed much in the Time of Celestias Reign, so I hope the maximum changes are like between the Animes Naruto Shippuden and Boruto.
Phantom Rider
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You are already booped.
I love seeing what Twi might actually get up to in the future, it’s a rarity (no fashion-horse-related pun intended.) What’s funny is, I’d gotten really sick of every single future-Twilight image being about her crying over her friends (not that it wouldn’t be sad, there’s just SO many possibilities with her and all being ignored in favor of basically the same graveyard scene) and considered commissioning (I can’t draw a straight line) something with Twilight standing on the observation deck of a spaceship looking down at the world. I don’t think I ever told anyone that yet, and someone draws it! ….annnnnnd manages to make it all about the other mane six being dead anyway.
Still, it’s one more imagine of her doing anything other than standing in a graveyard, so…
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“Even after all these decades, I still miss you all. I wish you could see the world I have built…”
Cue a shot on the surface which looks like a rundown dystopia
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Someone call Ron Howard so he can be inspired by this picture and direct a movie based on it.