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safe1600295 artist:chub-wub274 sunburst6025 sunset shimmer58269 twilight sparkle286087 alicorn202660 pony869137 unicorn278936 the last problem4584 alternate universe9710 apology185 beard3269 blushing179849 brother and sister3731 clothes419599 comic102335 crying40535 eyes closed82750 facial hair5158 feels1543 female1272877 forgiveness201 glasses55854 heartwarming627 hug25806 looking at each other17388 male338480 mare432688 markings1100 older23835 older sunburst54 older twilight1251 open mouth127471 princess twilight 2.01888 raised hoof40056 remorse56 robe3267 sad22938 siblings6675 simple background354406 sitting56591 stallion95923 sunburst's glasses254 sunburst's robe336 sunny siblings60 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117289 white background88690


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Background Pony #BB7D
Meanwhile Twilight is standing there like "Uh… I feel like I'm missing a lot of context here"

Sunset is Best Girl
This would have been a great way to tie everyone’s destinies together. Like the way the Cutiemark Chronicles did for the Mane 6.