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suggestive130693 artist:magnaluna1006 princess celestia90390 twilight sparkle285813 alicorn202183 anthro236005 adorasexy8664 belly button69796 big breasts72140 blushing179534 breast overpour90 breasts248825 busty princess celestia9449 cleavage31728 cleavage fluff666 clothes418910 crown14816 cute183212 cutelestia3289 eye clipping through hair4326 eyes on the prize5037 female1271283 floppy ears47003 jewelry53840 lesbian91072 nom2912 raspberry911 regalia17283 sexy25818 shipping186026 stockings29255 thigh highs29587 tongue out93028 twiabetes10652 twilestia2472 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117144


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Looks like the start of a Princess war—Youth and enthusiasm vs old age and treachery. Celestia will probably be the winner either way it goes.