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suggestive149814 artist:magnaluna1051 princess celestia97144 twilight sparkle307815 alicorn235347 anthro272129 adorasexy10209 belly button82185 big breasts87116 blushing206681 breast overpour199 breasts291496 busty princess celestia10651 cleavage35921 cleavage fluff877 clothes480906 crown18184 cute207466 cutelestia3686 eye clipping through hair6637 eyes on the prize5603 female1414800 floppy ears55272 jewelry70007 lesbian99920 nom3112 raspberry1049 regalia21467 sexy31029 shipping207233 stockings34604 thigh highs38658 tongue out109594 twiabetes12336 twilestia2555 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126885


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Looks like the start of a Princess war—Youth and enthusiasm vs old age and treachery. Celestia will probably be the winner either way it goes.