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Celestia: “I think you took this costume competition a bit too far, sister.”
Luna: “I didn’t k0ow that the spell wasn’t g0oing to affect me like thi…”
Luna: “Moo? mooo moo!”
Celestia: *“My, my! Luna, it’s like you’re actually asking me to help you out here to wear off this spell.
I think this could work out better in that case.”
Luna: Moo?~ *
Artist Request from Lunar58 from twitter:
Geek Stuff:
Body from Revamped Community (Luna model was retextured and “head-hacked”):
Cow Stuff from here: :  
Milk Machine:  
Walls and other props:!J3J0ECJY!kko39u7u1XbhIjHVsgF99969A4jBt4DxQ7a2L_-HgjQ
suggestive162024 artist:whiteskyline169 princess luna105658 cow3796 cow pony515 anthro295563 plantigrade anthro39504 3d92910 bell5169 bell collar2689 big breasts97471 bikini21009 breasts318930 busty princess luna7984 collar38394 cow horns307 cowbell1202 cowkini231 cowprint1349 ear tag587 huge breasts45308 impossibly large breasts19183 looking at you199166 milk5535 milk bottle144 moo123 nose piercing3178 nose ring2452 piercing49221 princess moona44 solo1195109 source filmmaker54798 string bikini836 swimsuit32727 wide hips21536


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Background Pony #73DF
you luna is on of the best great fan of your stuff loved the cadance at the beach whit the dildo too the detail on the saliva trail was amazing i hope you do more princess and maybe chrysalis for the future keep alway the good work