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Background Pony #3613
taiwan? i dont know a taiwan. i only know my most glorious nation china. wait… no WAIT PLEA-
Background Pony #C10C
@Background Pony #EF42
You either must be new here or simply just very late to the party to even bother asking that so I'll say both. The astronaut pointing a gun at the other astronaut meme is very fitting now. Should I go to a hentai website and ask why they post hentai there?
Background Pony #EF42
Here will become forum for political propaganda or venting hatred? or some people using MLP as a Tool for political propaganda?
Background Pony #45D6
Interesting,and interesting,it isn’t .
SHH, don't talk. You scare the fish away.
Background Pony #C10C
@Background Pony #B64D
I know. Mixing ponies with irl politics never ends well, but with images like this are actually funny because it's putting a make-believe character in a real life situation. I think that's what makes stuff like this funny imo.
Background Pony #C10C
@#B64D Naw I don't see it yet. Everything is sane so far. Nothing too crazy has happened yet nor were any comments deleted. It could definitely still happen anytime though.
Background Pony #C10C
@Background Pony #9946
It'll never happen. Internet art sites all over will bring drama. This is a very diverse site where all forms of art will display something that people like or dislike. Even without politics here or mentionings of Trump, there is still a variety of things posted daily that'll still trigger people. So your best option is to blacklist them to avoid things you don't like seeing. Telling people to stop posting politics or anything offensive is like asking a room full of crying infants to stop crying and go to sleep.