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safe1602692 artist:tjpones3331 oc618119 oc only413350 oc:brownie bun951 earth pony211511 pony871060 horse wife714 cute184037 female1274980 horse taxes54 mare433807 monochrome143918 ocbetes4366 offscreen character30716 open mouth127880 simple background355400 smiling221600 solo993955 tax evasion28 taxes89 this will end in jail time372 white background88909


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Background Pony #C109
When the Canada Revenue Agency people show up, she'll just eat grass and whinny at them until they leave. Exotic pets don't have to pay taxes.
Agent Tasmania

It's established she doesn't have a job (not for lack of trying), and all major assets would be under the couple, so Brownie would only be paying sales taxes which you can't really avoid.
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Brownie does a McAfee and gets arrested in Spain for numerous crimes committed where her only defense is "I'm cute"