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Vinyl Scratch slowly opened her eyes. It was dark and she was lying on the yard. Looking up she could she see some of the prop tombstones her and Octavia had set up in the backyard of their cottage for the Nightmare Night party they'd hosted that evening.

Obviously the party had been a blast. Although she really couldn't remember the last few hours of it. Which in her mind meant had to have been a success.

Any party you wake up on lawn has to have been an awesome party. Thought the unicorn. Still it's a good thing I woke up before the sprinklers turned on.

She was still lying on the grass when she heard the sound of approaching hooves crunching the dead autumn leaves that were littered across the backyard of their cottage. Slowly with the full moon behind her Octavia came into view dressed in something that was exactly not what the earth pony regularly wore to parties. Or any type of gathering. She came to a stop in front of her prone partner.

"So dear." She said with a surprisingly sultry but still refined voice. "Did you enjoy the party?"

The unicorn nodded her head. "Yeah. Yeah. Uh. When did you put that on?"

The earth pony raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Oh! this." She glanced at the massive plunging neckline of the outfit. "I changed costumes and put this on around midnight. Don't you remember that dear?"

Okay. I know I drank too much tonight! Thought the DJ. Any party where I'm so wasted I forget her wearing that is proof of that!

"Well Octy it's an awesome costume. What little there is of it. It fits you well."

The light grey cocked her hips and put her hands behind her head. With a positively predatory grin she looked down at her partner. "Yes but a more critical element is attitude. A convincing attitude is what sells the costume."

"So love. Do I make work or not!" Octavia growled as she looked at her lover with hungry eyes. !
The unicorn nodded her head.


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It does look an awful lot like Vampirella's trademark outfit, complete with the bat silhouette on the, ahem, lower portion.