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Largest version available of this old official group shot.
Found at, original source unknown.
artist needed26070 source needed15053 useless source url2851 safe1727776 applejack171564 fluttershy214964 pinkie pie218238 rainbow dash236264 rarity183674 twilight sparkle303206 earth pony256877 pegasus300276 pony987962 unicorn332639 official8247 season 12318 absurd resolution66537 applejack's hat7731 cowboy hat16376 cutie mark48484 female1382055 group photo781 group shot443 hat88405 looking at you172250 lying down18355 mane six32245 mane six opening poses479 mare491354 official art337 one eye closed31605 open mouth149997 palindrome get1251 prone25939 raised hoof47516 spread wings55778 stetson5024 tree32873 unicorn twilight18168 wallpaper18719 wings111512 wink25210


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