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Artist Desc:

Happy #MLP10thAnniversary
A little late.. but, I don't care about it !
safe1602668 artist:maren682 twilight sparkle286449 alicorn203232 pony871031 unicorn279922 mlp fim's tenth anniversary498 the last problem4628 absurd resolution63964 book31219 crown14898 crying40595 cutie mark43044 duality4036 ethereal mane6857 female1274944 glowing horn17333 happy birthday mlp:fim1249 hoof shoes4446 horn50031 jewelry54174 levitation10987 magic67606 mare433794 memories172 older23923 older twilight1266 ponyville5294 princess twilight 2.01915 regalia17390 self ponidox7447 smiling221591 stars14086 sunset4801 tears of joy2199 telekinesis25246 time paradox430 tree28778 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117478 unicorn twilight14085


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I still believe that the entire series was a recounting of Twilight’s story since it opens and closes with the same book.

♪ When I was young I was to

busy to make any friends. ♪

♪ Such silliness did not seem

worth the effort it expends. ♪

♪ But, my little ponies,

you opened up my eyes! ♪

♪ Now the truth is crystal clear

as splendid summer skies. ♪

♪ And it's such a wonderful surprise! ~