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Fluttershy: "Nothing like a morning stretch to start your day. stretches against the bar" Rainbow: dazzled "Mmm, Fluttershy, may I join you in your exercise?"
Fluttershy: "Sure, Dash, I'd love to do it together with you." pants

This's a continuation of a piece that i made more than a year ago. Wow! Time flies!

Geek Stuff:

Revamped Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy from Revamped Anthro Pack:
Clothes from NexGen:!icN00KzR!IpzcPH9VVwIJiFaTscOoxgf
Umbrellas, ball:
Gym props:
Bag and shoes and chair: l4d2

See ya soon!
suggestive140810 artist:whiteskyline140 fluttershy210862 rainbow dash232036 pegasus285149 anthro256320 plantigrade anthro31875 3d74230 armpits42728 ass48389 barefoot27137 baywatch68 big breasts80498 bikini17812 breasts273339 busty fluttershy16931 busty rainbow dash8060 butt55945 clothes453226 duo59630 feet39159 female1347200 flutterbutt4979 hat85426 heel pop98 lifeguard2236 looking at you165439 looking back56317 looking back at you14215 looking over shoulder3731 one-piece swimsuit4330 palm tree1433 rainbutt dash3555 source filmmaker45225 sweatband539 swimsuit27786 tree31744


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