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safe2118919 artist:scarlet-spectrum1211 applejack196200 fluttershy252091 pinkie pie250063 rainbow dash272914 rarity212948 spike90689 twilight sparkle349907 alicorn302889 dragon81387 earth pony423640 pegasus471813 pony1480015 unicorn512898 mlp fim's tenth anniversary593 g41930943 the last problem7836 applejack's hat13623 blue eyes11483 colored pupils13002 cowboy hat24540 crown28683 female1740475 flying52798 folded wings17703 gigachad spike1240 gradient background22483 green eyes8840 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 hat119629 height difference1970 high res103277 hoof shoes9086 horn139906 jewelry107039 large wings2582 long horn1143 male529652 mane seven7702 mane six36827 mare703773 multicolored hair10847 multicolored mane3992 multicolored tail2747 older37792 older applejack1042 older fluttershy1041 older mane seven306 older mane six476 older pinkie pie974 older rainbow dash1251 older rarity989 older spike8711 older twilight3203 open mouth225602 open smile26525 peytral6796 physique difference409 pink mane2255 pink tail816 princess twilight 2.03658 purple eyes5382 rainbow hair4438 rainbow tail625 regalia34784 sitting88411 slim3618 smiling377226 speedpaint available485 spread wings88543 tail89298 thin3019 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146079 wall of tags6265 winged spike9899 wings208453


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Background Pony #CD9E
Very nice!
Love how this looks!
Chad Spike looks fine here as his shoulder’s aren’t so broad and arms aren’t to large. heh :D