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Fluttershy is cuter than me >3>
safe1749348 artist:php142732 fluttershy217140 pegasus308770 pony1009501 blatant lies1346 blushing204435 bust52501 cheek fluff5920 chest fluff41135 cute205564 daaaaaaaaaaaw4673 dialogue67912 ear fluff31133 eyes closed97915 female1400893 floppy ears54449 heart49984 hooves to the chest538 i'm not cute397 impossibly large chest fluff133 mare501674 no u79 open mouth154043 pink background3196 raised hoof48387 shyabetes14489 simple background408749 smiling260549 solo1093643 spread wings56987 three quarter view1623 weapons-grade cute3756 wings122878


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