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(fix with the weird bands on Reversalis removed as well as a tweaked palette a bit)  
A very pregnant Reversalis, laying herself down in the nursery chamber. Stroking her belly while she can, she’s eager to personally meet every single brood she brings into the world, this one being no exception. Already feeling her belly drop and slightly contract every so often, she lays back and relaxes. Prepping herself for yet another (yet still just as beautiful) laying.
All thanks to Bumpywish for this.

suggestive193558 artist:bumpywish815 queen chrysalis42863 changeling67707 g42066337 belly47623 big belly20421 changeling hive896 egg5605 female1845852 huge belly8878 hyper16284 hyper belly1862 hyper pregnancy3361 imminent birth122 impossibly large belly15078 labor735 mirror universe1364 pregnant17101 reversalis305 rubbing1528 solo1457142 solo female240003 transparent flesh702


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I like to think of the banded underside of a changeling as a window of sorts. Been an idea floated around the fandom for a long time. Very preggo ling = window to view the eggs shift around.