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Screw page views. Screw faves. I’m embracing my weight loss fetish.
I wonder if the Royal Sisters will appear in Pony Life. I hope so.
suggestive149769 artist:lordstormcaller120 princess luna101211 alicorn235301 anthro272043 plantigrade anthro35120 absurd resolution67493 before and after237 belly29872 bouncing5124 breasts291419 busty princess luna7309 butt72535 chubby13617 dialogue68748 diet80 eyes closed99525 fat22827 female1414549 fetish42144 gym clothes21 jiggle1715 jump rope169 jumping3492 onomatopoeia4692 overweight386 ponytail19191 princess moonpig581 sexy31000 simple background413861 solo1105043 solo female184875 sound effects2296 stomach noise3365 sweat27972 thicc ass1386 thighs15468 weight loss99 word balloon323 workout814


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It very much is, but is requires an iron will, the right diet and exercise.
If you do a no carb diet, your body someday starts burning your fat reserves for energy. But you really have to cut all carbs for this. Coupl it with daily exercise for some extra fat burn.
Background Pony #6974
that’s a… very healthy fetish… i imagine those body positivity idiots throw a lot of shit at you :/
Background Pony #1CFB
I lost 17 pounds in the last month just through diet (and I was only 25 pounds over my target to begin with) it’s definitely possible.
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Background Pony #EAFD
Hell yeah this is a good fetish, just imagine how luna burns that nasty fat and gets fitter, stronger and sexyer each day.
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Background Pony #7920
Honestly, not a bad fetish to have at all. Go for it! Lose that weight! Get fit and healthy! <3
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