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Here's the result of this YCH :iconkhaki-cap: made some months ago. And the final result of it looks good, i think.

On the left, we got Mythic Majestic
The middle is mr. thicc jean butt :iconkhaki-cap:
and on the far right, :iconkoopakid17: KoopaKid17 's Garnet Razor.

Followed by the following story written by me:

"Two sweaty bois tired and hot from working out in the Canterlot gym coming across one of the many royals of Equestria. Though much to Khaki's pleasure it twas the striped and extra thicc presence of a certain zeeb alicorn pony that got his attention. Though today Mythic had a bit more confidence in her this time with her Starlight and Rarity components seeking to exercise themselves. Thus giving Mythic a rather teasing and sassy behavior as she strolled by the two exhausted stallions on her way to whatever she sought to start her routine with."
safe1750566 artist:khaki-cap212 oc711990 oc:garnet razor1 oc:khaki-cap115 oc:princess mythic majestic101 alicorn232899 earth pony265959 hybrid20563 pony1010601 zebra18369 alicorn oc27629 balancing beam2 blushing204662 butt65923 clothes476010 commission73072 commissioner:bigonionbean2062 cutie mark49706 digital463 earth pony oc9839 female1401917 flank1586 fusion5383 fusion:princess mythic majestic101 gym892 gym equipment3 horn77621 indoors3419 jean thicc54 kinky292 ladder789 lying3787 male388054 mare502207 matress28 multiple characters70 pony oc424 rear view12793 school1830 sitting65590 stallion115747 tired3246 wings123123 writer:bigonionbean1775 ych sketch1181 your character here11752


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