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here are the mane 6 ponies and Spike in their costumes for Halloween Twilight Sparkle is a detective Rainbow Dash is a superhero Pinkie Pie is a cat Applejack is a tiger Fluttershy is a honey bee Rarity in her fabulous costume and Spike is a pumpkin i'm ready for some spooky fun
i play this game:…
safe1690218 artist:user154321090 applejack168531 fluttershy210972 pinkie pie214663 rainbow dash232154 rarity180314 spike78326 twilight sparkle298474 bee1027 big cat1002 cat6187 insect1699 pony951871 tiger381 unicorn316367 animal costume1977 antenna87 antennae428 bee costume226 bee wings9 bell4381 bell collar2258 cat bell486 cat costume205 cat ears1121 cat tail483 catsuit1324 clothes453620 collar32596 costume27174 detective440 dress43946 dressup614 dressup game157 enjoy dressup22 fynsy57 halloween8183 halloween costume1709 happy halloween108 hat85500 holiday20027 honey bee2 magnifying glass312 mane seven6468 mane six31687 pumpkin4216 pumpkin costume3 sherlock holmes315 shoes35672 superhero1638 superhero costume51 tiger costume3 unicorn twilight16914


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Background Pony #18D9
Rd: Rainbow dash, Lighting Speed Wonder!
Tw: I found a clue!
R: This is delightful.
S: Pumpkins are funny.
Fs: Buzzbuzzbuzz
Pp: Ive always wanted to be a cat!
Aj: Way ahead of you. Rawr!