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Originally posted on: May 6th, 2020
Is the SixFanarts thing still a thing?

Either way, all character suggestions were from my twitter
safe1750187 artist:strawberryaeris2 rainbow dash238537 demon3098 human158938 pegasus309044 pony1010257 anthro269520 angel dust73 animatronic797 anthro with ponies2703 bowtie10628 bust52559 cacodemon16 cigar744 clothes475884 collar34528 crossover63799 doom508 female1401630 filthy frank89 fire11754 five nights at freddy's1761 frown23561 grin40901 hat90318 hazbin hotel251 heart50011 heterochromia5757 hollow knight40 jojo's bizarre adventure2810 jotaro kujo311 king (the owl house)42 male387936 mare502055 one eye closed32496 open mouth154256 peace sign3128 princess daisy214 scarface74 six fanarts1770 smiling260836 smoking4304 springtrap117 sunglasses15041 the owl house161 tony montana22 upside down5734 wink25647


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Hoofsies Rule
usually i dont complain about these but, 8% of this is pony and i dunno, doesnt look like the fanart you'd expect for mlp.
Don't get me wrong, i enjoy seeing ponies from those who'd probably never draw ponies otherwise.
Just something about these "give me x characters to make fanart of" feels not too fitting for sites like this.