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Been a long time since I've done some art, so here's Little Pip lost and beat in the wasteland. Boy my backgrounds suck lol
safe1728576 artist:machstyle38 oc698708 oc only456602 oc:littlepip4125 pony988779 unicorn332996 fallout equestria17301 alone394 blood24931 bust51265 clothes467745 colored19675 dead tree345 dirt779 dirty1828 dust407 eye clipping through hair6062 eyebrows5842 eyebrows visible through hair2773 fanfic10494 fanfic art14663 female1382750 glowing horn20098 green eyes4401 gun16167 hair over eyes1093 handgun2803 helpless281 high res31218 hooves18078 horn71045 little macintosh551 lost223 magic74357 pipbuck3531 portrait31395 radiation108 raised hoof47543 revolver1619 sad24814 smoke2622 solo1079077 telekinesis28244 tree32891 unicorn oc10075 vault suit3564 wasteland1253 weapon30967


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