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A commission I did for Blue Blaze from Furraffinity and Discord. These are all the fat babs here, except for Bittersweet. From left to right, we have Windblade, Paddy Sparkle, Small Brooke (A foal in the carrier), Changeling Will, Bittersweet, Necrow, Frema (Steel Justice), Shatter, Blue Blaze, Macro, (Underneath the table) Peni and Orange Glass, Flavorful Sweets (Between the middle table and far left table), Serena, Kenny, and Stargazer (The far left hand side table). Thank you all for participating and thank you, Blue Blaze for contributing, it means a lot.
suggestive148376 artist:lynnthenerdkitty397 oc712526 oc:bittersweet43 oc:blue blaze44 oc:changeling will1 oc:flavorful sweets21 oc:frema5 oc:kenny22 oc:macro1 oc:necrow2 oc:orange glass4 oc:paddy sparkle37 oc:peni2 oc:serena56 oc:shatter misty cloud159 oc:small brooke43 oc:stargazer119 alicorn233098 bat pony52250 bat pony alicorn2205 changeling49876 dracony6969 dragon58775 hybrid20601 pegasus309640 pony1011757 sylveon205 unicorn342827 adult foal1669 baby bottle762 bat wings10070 cake10094 commission73175 cookie3794 cupcake5557 diaper13850 diaper fetish10182 eating9964 eyes closed98261 fat22662 fetish41674 foal carrier4 food73055 horn77860 juice1369 juice box950 levitation12586 magic75457 non-baby in diaper9309 pokémon9416 ponified42021 poofy diaper4585 restaurant714 shatter (transformers)161 telekinesis28771 transformers4056 weight gain4435 windblade84 wings123394


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