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safe1749453 screencap227171 angel bunny10007 applejack173206 bubbles (pony life)53 discord31802 dishwater slog72 finn tastic39 fluttershy217151 gummy5131 opalescence2121 owlowiscious2010 pinkie pie220080 potion nova389 rainbow dash238465 rarity185511 spike80473 tank2779 trixie68705 twilight sparkle306014 winona2544 alicorn232722 alligator1143 bird8759 cat6509 dog9850 dolphin444 draconequus12787 dragon58674 earth pony265571 owl1197 pegasus308802 pony1009595 rabbit5581 tortoise703 unicorn341903 a camping we will go38 all bottled up (pony life)22 all that jitters57 bad thing no. 3134 badge of shame46 bighoof walking54 campfire stories30 cute-pocalypse meow134 dear tabby34 death of a sales-pony69 director spike's mockumentary37 disappearing act45 discord's peak44 dol-fin-ale36 don't look a .gif horse in the mouth25 flutterdash (episode)46 friendship gems89 game knight26 how applejack got her hat back175 i cookie28 keynote pie23 meet potion nova!86 my little pony: pony life5695 one click wonder26 pie vs. pie71 pinkie pie: hyper-helper94 ponies of the moment22 pony life6186 pony surfin' safari49 potion mystery74 princess probz227 sick day65 sportacular spectacular musical musak-ular73 superb six34 the 5 habits of highly effective ponies42 the best of the worst158 the debut taunt33 the fast and the furriest35 the fluttershy effect33 the great collide33 the great divide26 the mysterious voice18 the rarity report40 the root of it23 the trail less trotten61 unboxing day58 whoof-dunnit49 zound off72 animal4648 compilation552 female1401001 male387697 mare501723 stallion115602 title card786 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126160 wall of tags3643


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Background Pony #5E46
I was hopin' that every title card were created by different artists and not the same 'CalArts/BeanHead' artstyle
Background Pony #FDCB
And that concludes season one. Personally, my favorite episode was How Applejack Got Her Hat Back Parts One and Two.