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Final drawing of the summer series.

Whoa, what a long trip. Summer really flew by, didn't it? From all the dark points in the world, I hope these commissions made your summer just a little bit brighter.

Thank you so much, TheBrokenCOG, for all of the great commissions. I've loved every last one of them .
safe1676580 artist:thebrokencog877 apple bloom48722 scootaloo50757 spike77841 sweetie belle48463 human151726 anime5257 apple bloom's bow1272 barefoot26833 beach14400 belly button75572 bikini17626 blushing192648 bow27782 clothes448927 commission65344 crusadespike83 cutie mark crusaders18816 feet38743 female1336627 hair bow15070 humanized98722 kiss on the cheek1714 kiss sandwich200 kissing24146 lucky bastard1695 male362801 nipples161464 sand2231 scootaspike190 shipping196299 shorts13596 spike gets all the fillies36 spike gets all the mares753 spikebelle778 spikebloom484 straight133504 sunset5225 surprise kiss782 swimsuit27512 topless12278 water12752


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Background Pony #3949
Okay, Sweetie's swimsuit I can believe, her having a fashion obsessed conscious older sister to conspire with but how on Earth did Apple Bloom get that skimpy 2-piece past Granny?