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Yup, Adagio is Ruby Sword's ex, who's flirty and teasy around him and Sunset because she semi-seriously wants him back, haha! Which can keep Sunset and Adagio from just being friends with how much it can annoy Shimmy…

And Ruby is deadpan and snarky to an almost chronic degree, so of course he loves puns like this… And the girls give him the response he bloody well earns. (I almost felt ashamed of myself when I thought of this joke, so Ruby more than deserves that slap xD)

And if you're curious about his ringtone, it's the beginning of this English cover of what's probably my most favourite song/anime opening ever, and which honestly fits Ruby and Adagio's relationship pretty damn well, especially when they were dating.

So expect to see more fun involving Ruby, Sunset and Adagio in the future, since their dynamic and interactions are too damn fun not to have brought to life n_n

safe1750404 artist:sodaska15 adagio dazzle13260 aria blaze10025 sonata dusk13821 sunset shimmer64772 oc711900 oc:copper plume531 oc:ruby sword132 equestria girls206999 comic111473 female1401782 hand on shoulder358 handprint54 jealous1259 looking at each other21446 male387991 phone6715 phone call66 pun7682 ringtone7 shit eating grin164 slap475 sunsword87 the dazzlings4466


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