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Happy New Year Every Pony!

((Hey guys! Mod here! I know you’ve heard from me more then the blog itself… BUT with the holidays being over now I’m hoping work will ease up a bit <this week has been kind of hectic though> hopefully I should be able to draw more! I’m even thinking I may try to do some drawings at work during our down time but we’ll see about that one…

Events to come….

I’m going to try and do a quick chibi style soon of the events of the “story” so far, to give a quick recap, and will help for all my new followers! Which holy cow thanks you guys! Where are you guys coming from when I haven’t updated in so long DX I’m going to have to do a thank you picture some time soon for all you lovely people!

I’m also thinking I may change a few things up about Pattie. Nothing big, mostly just small traits, flesh her out a bit more, she is getting a hair cut soon, I previewed it during a steam LONG time ago. I’m hoping to incorporate it in the story so it’s not totally out of the blue >__>;

Also I will be going through the inbox soon to delete some asks that I either can’t use, or think of any responses for. I will keep some of the “hugs, you’re cute, taste you, etc” for now but I’m going to try an ask for those to lighten up as they do get repetitive and some times I don’t feel like drawing other peoples OC’s and don’t get me wrong! I usually love drawing other peoples OC’s as I find it fun and I know how much enjoyment one can get seeing their character drawn by someone else, I have the same feeling. Just don’t want to bore you all with the same stuff like that.

So with that information look forward for more updates <I pray to Luna all mighty> to come! I love you guys for sticking with me for this long and for my newest followers! Thank you!!))


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