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Rather than request a specific OC, how about I link to my gallery here and give important details about my various OCs? If one or more catch your eye, cool, no requests nor rules/limits/etc on how you use them.


Gavin chews on meat sticks, not cigars
Trail Cutter's father was half unicorn/half Earth pony, while his mother was pure Clydesdale, hence being a big pony with a very small horn (not that horn for the dirty minded)
Javarod is now a bat pony (there's a pic in the gallery of that)
Grape Sucker is now a pegasus (yup, swapped tribes on those two), she runs a wine shop in Las Pegasus, and is the official ball washer at the Clocktower in her spare time

Any how, if any of them catch your eye, cool, if not, cool too. And feel free to ask if you want to know anything about any of them whether for a pic or just curiosity.