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Meet Temperance Flowerdew, the leader of the Anti-Sugar League. She proclaimed that sugar was a danger to public health and public morals and wanted to ban all sweets. As it turned out, Temperance grew up in a home where sugar was forbidden; she gave in to temptation one day and ate herself sick, and ever since then she has crusaded to ban sugar as bad for ponies’ health. She and the ASL arrived in Ponyville, and began to gain ground in Ponyville, with boycotts and protests cropping up all over town; sales at Sugarcube Corner plunged, and Sweet Apple Acres was also affected because Applejack sold her pies in Ponyville. Pinkie Pie tried to throw Temperance a party to change her attitude, but Temperance believed that her parties added to the problem by making ponies sick. Meanwhile, a secret speakeasy was held at Sweet Apple Acres, where ponies would gorge themselves on sweets to the point of sickness. Twilight Sparkle confronted Temperance and showed her the unhappy ponies around town who either over-indulged or gone without sugar, and telling her that health is a matter of happiness as well as nutrition. Realizing that while intentions were good but her methods were… rather extreme, Temperance dissolved the Anti-Sugar League, now understanding the importance of moderation, and enjoyed some of the treats at the party Pinkie throws for her.
Named after the temperance movement and a ponysona of Carrie Nation, this old mare and her group’s role was very much the My Little Pony version of the issue concerning alcoholism, said temperance movement that opposed it, and the prohibition in the United States, only in this case it’s in the form of sugar and sweets, another addictive type of food, and even children themselves can suffer from their abuse of it by getting sick or fat. While I oppose alcohol and for good reasons, I did enjoy this comic and the theme it presented.
Since the Anti-Sugar League issue is taking place in Gameloft, I got to make a vector of Temperance. She’s not my top favorite character, but as I mentioned I enjoy the theme said issue portrayed. So I couldn’t help but make this. The color of the glasses’ lens aren’t totally accurate, but it was the best I could do.
Based on Temperance Flowerdew from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics-All in Marederation
Traced from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Gameloft
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust, comic issued by IDW Publishing, and owned by Hasbro…

safe2197872 artist:andoanimalia1230 gameloft7604 idw21251 temperance flowerdew33 earth pony514855 pony1628318 g42053752 spoiler:comic6347 female1829302 glasses90334 idw showified1055 mare758218 simple background609275 solo1445581 sword14942 transparent background289112 vector90477 weapon41795


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