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How has everyone missed this pic aside from it not being on the likes of DA? It was really too difficult to miss.
suggestive129637 artist:mtcerber56 rarity171058 anthro233636 arm behind head5488 ass43223 bicolor swimsuit209 bikini16399 boobs and butt pose338 breasts245578 busty rarity11344 butt32374 chest fluff32978 cleavage31402 clothes414552 covering3773 ear piercing22264 earring18381 flower22755 flower in hair6734 jewelry53066 looking at you147660 looking back50156 necklace15847 piercing35605 rearity3864 string bikini592 striped swimsuit214 swimsuit25674 teasing3392


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Background Pony #BF75
Looking good Rares. Wanna swim with me at my pool?

Rarity: Oh yes darling. I love to swim with you. We’ll also relax in my hot tub after.