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safe2118835 artist:datte-before-dawn536 artist:dsp2003776 derpy hooves56331 pegasus471777 pony1479946 g41930941 :t4374 angry35542 bad pony148 chest fluff61833 collaboration6739 cute257315 derpabetes3630 dialogue88982 ear fluff47518 ears back3673 female1740438 frog (hoof)19328 frown34162 glare8943 grumpy3163 madorable1052 mare703736 muffin7395 nose wrinkle3780 offscreen character49567 pure unfiltered evil1960 scrunchy face8137 simple background569516 sitting88406 solo1382457 speech bubble36828 spread wings88536 that pony sure does love muffins623 this will end in death3512 this will end in tears4226 this will end in tears and/or death2741 underhoof66641 white background151948 wings208443


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