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A huge collection of the main characters in MLP! Some of them have been altered a bit, but it's mostly based on canon stuff!
safe1691715 artist:inspectorvalvert24 adagio dazzle12796 angel bunny9793 apple bloom49105 applejack168688 derpy hooves49923 discord30719 dj pon-329108 doctor whooves10697 flash magnus819 fluttershy211190 gallus6653 king sombra13745 lord tirek5231 meadowbrook823 mistmane760 ocellus5232 pinkie pie214849 pony of shadows484 princess cadance32519 princess celestia94405 princess flurry heart7180 princess luna98558 queen chrysalis34522 rainbow dash232368 rarity180556 rockhoof1130 sandbar5407 scootaloo51029 shining armor22980 silverstream6081 smolder7819 somnambula1896 spike78295 star swirl the bearded2007 starlight glimmer48217 sunset shimmer62382 sweetie belle48745 tempest shadow16713 thorax4291 time turner10692 trixie66963 twilight sparkle298351 vinyl scratch29108 yona5057 alicorn221475 centaur3338 changedling8237 changeling46846 changeling queen16085 classical hippogriff4897 draconequus11371 earth pony243266 griffon26740 hippogriff9572 pegasus286161 pony953375 rabbit5218 siren2087 unicorn317127 yak4556 mlp fim's tenth anniversary581 angel is a bunny bastard222 angry26853 animal4249 applejack's hat7039 beak891 broken horn13751 clothes454256 colored pupils9588 colored sclera684 cowboy hat15483 crown16577 curved horn6623 cutie mark crusaders18921 dark4495 egyptian pony273 everypony375 eyes closed91850 fangs24885 featured image867 female1349632 fins1106 glasses61034 glowing eyes11031 gritted teeth12000 happy30839 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hat85648 hero159 horn64538 jewelry62242 king thorax2868 large group5 male367874 mane seven6473 mane six31711 mare473706 nose piercing2659 nose ring2113 one eye closed30080 open mouth142830 piercing40439 pillars of equestria281 regalia19487 royal family90 royal sisters4374 scales1140 scepter1131 sisters8670 slit eyes4502 stallion106877 student six1617 tail26966 tongue out102469 trixie's hat4545 twilight scepter2030 wall of tags2972 wings104417


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I comment unfunny jokes
@Communist Starlight
Eh, I believe there is "rational anger" and "irrational hatred". And imo, it's not an either or deal, it's a spectrum. For Angel, given the series of events in the show (comics not taken into account) I think he's done more good for Shy than bad. That said, that doesn't mean his behavior is always excusable.

That doesn't necessarily make him bad, it just makes him for lack of a better term "flawed".

Edit: I argue this could be applied to a lot of the characters really, especially Discord. You can say what you want about him, especially given the events of the finale, his presence did have an impact on our main characters for the better and he did grow from it as a result, them complimenting his flaws.

But that's just my two cents
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Tirek: One day…..revenge will be mine…..
King Sombra: THIS IS NOT THE END!!!!
Tempest Shadow: I won't be down for long…..
Adagio Dazzle: I'll be back! Just you wait! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
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Makes me so happy that Cozy wasn't even allowed to be appear on this piece of art, but ANGEL is there (in the correct spot even) lol
Background Pony #7BEB
Oh your one of those angel bunny should be considered a villain types i see.