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I’ve always kinda a wanted to da a selfie angle, but I never could get the sketches right.  
Anyways, temperatures are already beginning to drop over here, so here’s little piece to close off summer :p  
Tried to go for a ‘soft’ feel with the shading and texturing. And also an attempt at water droplets, but that still needs quite some work.
suggestive170220 artist:creatiffy60 rainbow dash257196 twilight sparkle330093 pegasus395169 starfish431 unicorn434002 anthro310014 big breasts104112 bikini22042 breast overpour299 breasts336082 busty twilight sparkle14265 camera4583 clothes549748 female1579652 floating heart4519 heart59787 huge breasts48247 lesbian107617 micro bikini1177 ocean9133 open mouth193159 sand3013 selfie4184 shipping227239 swimsuit34271 twidash5599 water18399


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A difficult angle for sure, but the poses are good, and the skin texture is AMAZING. Some of the droplets are excellent, and some look almost like blood veins, but they definitely enhance the quality of the image. You did a really good job.