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I completely forgot about this video and it’s glorious and now it’s finally here in this WEBM world
if only we knew just how far our Cartoon Horse Program would go
god look at these tags I know I probably missed something
safe1755092 artist:dukelovesyou1 artist:krunkidile35 artist:uberchain1 edit136261 screencap228475 aloe2692 apple bloom51123 applejack173613 blues1040 braeburn6405 caramel2549 carrot top5570 derpy hooves50827 dj pon-329713 doctor whooves10956 fluttershy217645 golden harvest5570 lyra heartstrings30131 night light2417 noteworthy1039 octavia melody24246 pinkie pie220571 princess celestia96911 princess luna100934 rainbow dash239006 rarity185999 scootaloo51986 spike80611 thunderlane4220 time turner10952 trixie68835 twilight sparkle306666 vinyl scratch29714 oc713850 oc:ruby287 oc:yellowlord1 alicorn233595 bird8830 centaur3574 cow3457 eagle337 earth pony267824 horse3392 human159321 hyena123 pegasus310760 pony1014988 unicorn344168 wolf2041 cartoon horse program27 dragonshy945 fall weather friends776 g114957 the best night ever1460 winter wrap up1115 3d80700 absolute madness6 alan young1 alcohol7501 and that's how equestria was made73 angry28172 animated101108 annoyed5612 arson98 astronaut905 at the gala67 award158 baby10714 badass3308 bandana5530 barack obama169 beastmaster25 bed42469 beer1773 bipedal36305 brain428 burger1948 bust52886 butt66446 car6247 centaur twilight76 chevrolet impala32 clothes477339 coffee4015 computer6373 controller2404 crt tv12 cult182 dawn of war43 demoman521 destruction1528 diaper13874 disembodied head833 dodge colt2 dota 2217 dragon mail122 drunk4998 dwight likes sparkles7 eating9978 engineer881 epic1376 explosion2224 eye laser8 female1405811 femscout21 fire11796 floating head155 flutterbadass783 food73211 ford mustang130 french fries568 fullmetal alchemist311 golden oaks library5240 gun16363 handgun2853 headdesk72 heavy weapons guy433 hilarious in hindsight3242 horse head35 horse meat194 horse taxes58 horses doing horse things1267 hospital bed439 irl71806 irl horse282 irl human26153 jay park1 jeep176 jesus christ235 juggernaut23 korea63 laptop computer2392 lemon demon4 long neck1050 looking at you176371 m1911184 magic75593 majestic as fuck1307 male389406 mane six32648 mare504181 meat1967 medic1328 meme83560 milk4836 minecraft2661 mister ed13 music2976 mustang90 nintendo3633 nintendo entertainment system370 nom3102 not salmon2506 omnivore twilight85 organs459 peanut butter405 photo81680 pie3371 pieing10 pistol2150 planet1234 plot82272 poking601 ponies eating meat1005 ponyville6092 poptart84 portrait31961 pronking1097 pyro767 queen celestia56 queen elizabeth i5 queen horseytime8 rainbow4751 rarity is not amused465 rarity's glasses601 rocket839 roy mustang18 royal guard8125 scout1115 shapeshifting330 shitposting1617 singing6571 slap476 sniper1234 soldier1867 sound9545 source filmmaker48653 space5191 spider-man1815 spy1260 stallion116309 sugarcube corner2444 target demographic444 taxes98 team fortress 26067 telekinesis28825 television2576 the administrator19 theme song392 thumbs up1054 title card786 torch686 totally legit8 toy22489 twilight burgkle530 twilight is not amused1527 udder1169 unamused16808 wall of tags3678 warhammer (game)2144 warhammer 40k2067 wat19483 weapon31494 webm14478 what the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land20 whinny45 wide eyes17435 wig903 winter wrap up vest376 wraith king1 x intensifies315 yeehaw144 yelling3207 youtube link5185


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Background Pony #9269
Everything is funnier in hindsight. If it’s not funny yet, wait a few more years.
Background Pony #DBD7
0:20 is that Rocket thing that flew past the “Cartoon Horse Planet” a reference to either Dr. Strangelove or that Music Video thats based on A Trip to the Moon
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I <3 baths
I remember when this video just came out…I wish I could go back and experience it for the first time again; thanks for the memories!
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

psst it's me I'm a horse
@Pawny pawn star  
you’re telling me, I’m seeing MLP videos that are almost 10 years old which just makes me think: how long have I been on YouTube that I remember when they first came out, and what the fuck have I been doing with my life since then?
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