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Don’t be so hard on yourself, Twi. We’ve all ordered something odd off of Amazon to bump the price up to get the free shipping :P
safe1945427 artist:badumsquish2264 derpibooru exclusive33772 princess luna108287 twilight sparkle330016 oc822818 oc:amy zon3 alicorn269666 mimic149 mimic pony22 monster pony4228 original species31061 amazon.com220 apple ii7 basement299 book38753 box5537 coffee4498 coffee mug1646 computer7159 cute231829 delivery133 desk3868 dialogue78597 drool29754 eyes closed117994 fangs32437 female1578787 golden oaks library5884 grin51541 laboratory733 mug5317 open mouth193020 paper3851 show accurate22926 sitting77040 smiling323374 talking8286 tongue pony8 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137285


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@Background Pony #F00B  
Not intentionally. Just that a lot of monsters have a natural affinity to move into dungeons, labyrinths, old castles, and the like and then attack intruders. A lot of them are intelligent enough to agree to terms like “you can live here, just only attack actual intruders and not my friends” XD
Jiminy Cragodile

I wonder how our dear akaname would feel about this. Would she see Amy as competition? Or would she feel more confident at Twilight (apparently) having a thing for tongues?
Background Pony #F5FC
They can’t change their appearance. Their “shell” forms to match their environment and then is set for life. Ones in dungeons will look like treasure chests, ones in ancient tombs like crypts or coffins, ancient castles like iron maidens, and warehouses like crates or boxes :D