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I personally prefer tea more…* whistles *…
safe1709036 artist:klooda136 oc686198 alicorn224948 pony970096 advertisement8714 alicorn oc26643 chocolate3345 coffee3881 coffee mug1286 commission68665 cookie3676 cup6314 cup of pony547 cute200191 digital art18839 eyes closed93811 female1365482 food70268 frog (hoof)13012 generic pony675 heart48469 horn67616 leaves1937 looking at you169065 mare481874 micro9057 mug4253 one eye closed30844 slots20 smiling249201 smiling at you3834 strawberry964 swimming2059 table9238 tea3063 teacup2917 text59663 underhoof52194 wings107832 wink24800 ych example3191 ych sketch1027 your character here10988


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