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safe2211634 artist:darky_wings331 applejack203516 fluttershy262778 minuette6999 moondancer6215 pinkie pie259886 rainbow dash284357 rarity220697 twilight sparkle363135 alicorn322908 earth pony521017 pegasus513679 pony1641835 unicorn556368 g42066309 clothes651189 commission121684 crushed260 ear fluff53320 endosoma1076 female1845776 floppy ears75048 flutterprey820 folded wings21840 gotcha82 hoof hold13531 imminent vore3206 inside stomach303 internal6200 macro15359 mare768263 micro12227 mlem1184 one eye closed47099 pinkie prey757 pony in socks2 rariprey671 silly9042 socks98164 soft vore1546 stomach1254 stomp244 striped socks28885 tail sticking out581 tongue out151182 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151644 twipred1121 underhoof70749 vore19568 wings234012 ych result38716


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Poor Applejack, trapped under so much weight.  
On the other hoof she’s the strongest and toughest of the group, so she can take it.  
I suppose she’s probably thinking, “Trapped again, just my luck. Come on Twilight, you had your fun but enough it enough.”