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safe1727303 alternate version47188 artist:2snacks322 princess cadance32789 princess celestia95836 princess flurry heart7373 princess luna99926 queen chrysalis35143 alicorn228550 changeling48704 changeling queen17060 pony987571 animated99663 cursed315 earth1117 female1381681 filly68225 get stick bugged lol27 gif31592 helmet10985 impossibly long neck287 mare491156 meme82469 moon23752 necc323 perfect loop1418 pixel art10710 princess necklestia68 space5114 space helmet160 sweat26964 sweatdrop3307 wat19366 woona5089 younger17586


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In Treue fest
So together we are queen bugged on the moon
We all share our home on the moon, we
Forever we are queen bugged on the moon, together
We pay your crime on the moon
Background Pony #2F78
The way the antennae on the helmets wobble side to side is making me want to giggle.