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safe1785920 artist:artmlpk268 sci-twi26048 twilight sparkle310374 equestria girls211842 3ds526 adorable face1580 adorasexy10347 adorkable3633 adorkasexy74 alternate hairstyle29767 beautiful5928 book35304 breasts297046 chips816 cleavage36433 clothes488952 couch9015 cup6705 cute210162 digital art21137 dork3917 female1434423 food75145 glasses66804 glowing hands352 looking at you181828 looking back62285 lying down21679 magic77271 nerd988 nintendo3652 nintendo ds217 oversized clothes342 oversized shirt95 ponytail19547 sexy31659 shirt27113 smiling272780 smiling at you6547 snack90 socks70430 solo1122116 stockings35368 telekinesis29585 thigh highs39631 twiabetes12475 upside down5884 watermark17415


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Background Pony #F7BB
I can’t see Sci-Twi using a DS. More likely a Raspberry Pi or other system on a chip/GPIO gadget.
Despite the Covid delays, the Dragonbox Pyra preorders are almost ready.
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The Relaxation for All About!
Sci-Twi : Oh, hi! I’m just taking a break, relax myself, and called in for a good gaming time with my Nintendo DS!
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Background Pony #E0DC
An adorably sexy nerd in just a night shirt… amazing.
One of them wrapped in just a bed sheet when…?
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