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Rusty is afraid of deep waters and, in fact, can't swim!

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safe1726507 artist:rexyseven123 oc697368 oc only455887 oc:rusty gears121 earth pony256383 pony986803 beach15367 chest fluff40037 clothes466996 earth pony oc9169 featured image892 female1380906 floaty435 floppy ears53202 frown23238 heterochromia5590 inflatable1788 looking down9082 mare490715 ocean6855 scared10584 scenery8135 shrunken pupils3210 socks67407 solo1077752 striped socks21649 tree32837 water13702 water wings149


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You rebel, I like u
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I think Rusty could go in, just to wade. In fact, things could go very well; she'd be starting to enjoy the water, then a Dolphin would come up to her.

Dolphin: "Hey. How did you find this place?"

Rusty: "… Yahoo."

Then the Dolphin would start swimming away, but Rusty would say "Wait…"

Dolphin: "What?"

Rusty: "How did you learn how to talk?"

Dolphin: "Yahoo."

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Suddenly hit with memories of my older sister holding my head underwater just to prove there's nothing to be scared of.
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Awww, what's wrong little pone? Scared if the ocean? Scared of drowning? Scared of the predators that awaits you? Don't worry, I am too honestly.