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Rainy and Fleety now welcomes the wonderful Nighty to become part their family! With a very special fun night in mind. This fortunate loving couple reached such level of trust to include a new special bird into their nest?

Rainbow couldn't be happier! Such a difficult choice to make at the start this perfect evening, Fleety sure puts up the nicest show ever but the new and exciting fluffy purple butt seems to be winning! Having two life long lovers sure has so many advantages~


This piece has great meaning to me as it marks the joining of Luna into our life ^^
I love you~
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Luna Best Pony~
Aaaaaaaa my butt is being inspected! I hope it's up to standard~
I love you too~

All in all I love the relationship I am in, it has a lot of challenges but it's more rewarding than anything else in my life. Rainy is the most supportive girlfriend I could ever have asked for, while our Fleety provides us with her own silliness and fun.