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How to catch a princess.

Inspired by volume 2 of the MLP manga.
safe1583420 artist:dstears605 pinkie pie204102 princess celestia89682 alicorn198941 earth pony204842 box4247 cake8946 cakelestia1009 crouching518 cute180560 cutelestia3245 dock44296 food62004 goggles13107 monochrome142809 mouth hold15508 open mouth124843 pinkie spy224 sillestia287 silly6988 spy1108 that princess sure does love cake13 this will end in a trip to the moon14 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon244 trap (device)275


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Background Pony #A160
Is Ponka wearing night vision goggles? Is the object between the lenses, in the center, above them, an infrared illuminator?

…asking for a friend.
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