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NOTE: I did not make this. I only edited the face. All credit goes to the original artist.

Everyone's favorite rainbow-haired athlete right after a good night's workout. ;)…….
safe1749460 alternate version49718 artist:focusb549 edit135822 editor:thomasfan45254 rainbow dash238467 human158838 equestria girls206831 armpits43378 barefoot28468 beautiful5777 bedroom eyes61329 belly button81181 clothes475596 compression shorts1328 couch8686 cute205580 cutie mark49674 cutie mark on clothes3203 eyeshadow16545 feet41522 female1401013 fetish41669 flexing1272 gym shorts312 hand on thigh288 human coloration5377 lamp2764 legs8817 lidded eyes31756 looking at you175491 makeup22779 midriff19832 night27330 off shoulder1329 pillow18638 seductive2358 sexy30679 shorts14528 sitting65536 smiling260589 solo1093725 stars16267 stupid sexy rainbow dash2754 table9509 tanktop8060 tight shorts25 tomboy1160 window8914


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