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I am the voice of the past that will always be  
Filled with my sorrow and blood in my fields  
I am the voice of the future  
Bring me your peace  
Bring me your peace and my wounds, they will heal

safe2119670 artist:onecoolmule20 twilight sparkle349977 alicorn303082 pony1548565 g41934198 the last problem7838 armor30186 blurry803 crown28734 crying54133 female1745925 floating5551 flowing mane4474 flowing tail2974 flying52826 hoof shoes9100 horn magic2 jewelry107245 mare707811 older37811 older twilight3203 open mouth225850 peytral6861 princess twilight 2.03658 raised leg11252 regalia34846 singing8213 soft color1980 solo1383102 spread wings88613 tears of pain1628 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146107 widescreen146 wings208751


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