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NOTE: I did not make this. I only edited the eyes. All credit goes to the original artist.

Anyone else wish Starlight got an official EQG swimsuit design?….
safe1707519 alternate version45537 artist:focusb527 edit132636 editor:thomasfan45255 starlight glimmer48688 human154744 equestria girls200629 arm behind head6353 armpits42947 beach14940 beanie3651 bedroom eyes59419 belly button77973 bikini18149 breasts277964 busty starlight glimmer2438 clothes460044 cute199977 eyeshadow15641 female1364148 hand on hip6201 hat86938 human coloration5201 lidded eyes30735 looking at you168833 makeup21507 midriff19333 ocean6519 pose5886 sand2336 sarong1032 smiling248791 solo1064968 swimsuit28302


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