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Imagine if season 10 had given us a trip to Saddle Arabia, how amazing that would have been!
Personally I would have loved to see Twilight’s reaction to being turned into a genie. Maybe the whole plot of the episode could revolve around a villain who kidnaps ponies by trapping them inside lamps.
Update: Fixed some mistakes on her mane
safe1751889 artist:sollace704 derpibooru exclusive29326 twilight sparkle306332 alicorn233100 genie1643 .svg available8464 belly button81427 clothes476440 ear piercing27839 earring22194 female1403088 geniefied236 jewelry68476 piercing43161 show accurate17064 simple background409637 solo1095256 species swap20685 svg3702 transparent background209080 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126245 vector77892 veil899 wings123395


not provided yet


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I miss the show so much
Maybe you didn’t scale the image properly before uploading it?
One good way to see what the SVG actually looks like is to open it in a web browser. Opening this SVG in Firefox shows it’s actually really small.
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