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"Beach Day"

Hmm, looks like Powerful Sparkle (Sci-Twi) relaxing in weekend.

Character base by Hasbro
Cutie Mark by BlackGryph0n edited by AryaTheEditor

Original One
safe1727771 artist:aryatheeditor284 color edit7725 edit134234 editor:michaelsety180 sci-twi24659 twilight sparkle303200 equestria girls203267 adorasexy9976 alternate design2929 armed6 armpits43193 beach15411 beach chair519 clothes467481 colored19663 crossed legs3278 cute202989 cutie mark48484 day1380 digital art19469 eyes closed95655 female1382044 geode of telekinesis2975 glass4739 glasses63139 headcanon2350 human coloration5269 knife5413 leg strap30 legs8658 light skin4806 light skin edit124 magical geodes9014 palm tree1544 powerful sparkle126 prepared7 relaxed312 relaxing1473 sexy30088 sitting64431 skin color edit171 sleeping23708 sleeveless4595 solo1078544 swimsuit28934 thighs14357 tree32873 twiabetes12126 weapon30952


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Sci-Twi Lover
OP, Human Coloration tag is ENOUGH, so stop adding the Human and/or Humanized tags on EqG-themed images, it's not what you think it is, because it's against the Filters and Search Results purposes:
The Human tag IS FOR actual humans with human skin colors, NOT Equestria Girls.
Read the tag descriptions:

Human: NOT EqG characters.
Equestria Girls: For searching/filtering purposes, NOT to be tagged along with human or humanized.
Also, it's also against the Filters and Search Results purposes, to ensure that everyone's here are acknowledged to this, here's the instances:

- Search System: Let's just say, we want to search images tagged with Equestria Girls, right? But you don't want to see images tagged with Human and/or Humanized such as actual humanization, IRL humans, crossover images featuring the other show's characters that is not really drawn in EqG-style, which makes them as traditional humans, and finally, the Anons! Because they are just green humans with bald heads and question mark on their faces, then type this combination line on the search box:
Equestria Girls, -Human, -Humanized
If you fill that line above, then boom! You have a lot of images tagged with Equestria Girls to choose from within the results and images tagged with Human and/or Humanized are officially hidden. Now, the big culprit is, why if there's an Equestria Girls-themed image but it's a crossover with IRL humans, other show's humans, anons, and even the EqG characters meeting their pre-EqG traditional human counterparts? (e.g. EqG Princess Twilight Sparkle meets her old traditional human counterpart that was created right before the EqG franchise was born), then that's the point to have both EqG and Human/Humanized tags in one image, but some people don't really like the idea of that type of crossover and they wanted to filter it, which is why we are leading to the next topic of…

- Filters: Same applies with the statement to Search System above, but in a form of filters, if anyone hates the Human and Humanized tags, then the best way to not seeing these all over and over again is to filter them. No, the Hide button won't help to hide those images tagged with those two tags because it's too exhausting to click the Hide button manually on each image one-by-one, you need to filter them to hide every images being tagged with Human and/or Humanized. And, the big fiasco is, you will find some EqG images drawn in EqG-style but NOT a crossover were hidden for unknown reasons, that because they have the Human and/or Humanized tags! If you see that, then it will annoying you, right? Yup, the Filters have officially broken, thanks to that, and the only way to fix those is to go to those EqG-themed images with the Human and/or Humanization tags still being applied (must be the ones that is NOT a crossover) and remove the Human and/or Humanization tags, then the Filters will be fixed and runs back to normal.

Another instances here are the skin coloring…
- If it's Equestria Girls but with human skin colors, then do NOT add the Human and/or Humanized tags, use the Human Coloration tag instead.
- If it's traditional humanization but with MLP's pony skin colors, then they DON'T count as EqG at all, so do NOT add the Equestria Girls tag for them, use the Pony Coloring tag instead.
- If it's traditional humanization but having characters that comes from EqG, then do NOT add the Equestria Girls tag as well. I know, EqG characters first appeared in the EqG franchise, but it's okay to have those type of images featuring those characters WITHOUT the EqG tag being applied there, remember, we are dealing to people who filtered/hidden the Human and Humanized tags and we don't want to get more trouble on that.

That's the instances. So, everytime if we're going to add future EqG-themed images to this site, then we must check properly first and see if it is drawn in EqG-style, if one OP attempts to evade that will result they getting a report or a ban.
@Background Pony #41BB
The human tag even says this:
"Short description: A bunch of hairless apes. Not EqG characters."
@Background Pony #41BB
…Always remember when tagging, it's for other people. Tagging it wrong hurts people's search results.
Ok, if you say so. But it clearly doesn't make sense to me because the Equestria Girls are technically humans of their pony counterparts. You know what I mean?
That's a reason why the "Are Equestria Girls Human?" tag exists.