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suggestive129378 artist:an-tonio2057 artist:tolpain265 sandbar4787 silverstream5416 yona4550 earth pony204841 yak3924 anthro233000 blushing177330 breasts244909 busty silverstream192 busty yona158 clothes413469 collaboration4848 dress40053 embarrassed10263 embarrassed underwear exposure778 female1179701 floating heart1646 frilly underwear4117 heart43475 lidded eyes27078 lip bite10492 male309074 outdoors8007 panties46190 panty shot660 pink underwear3753 shipping184137 skirt36043 skirt lift4500 straight122029 striped underwear2781 sundress244 underwear55557 unf301 upskirt5375 yonabar268


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As the story line of sandbar calling Gallus aside to speak to him in private when wind exposed silver-stream and yona's panties when sandbar saw silver-stream's stripped panty and yona's pink panty. With Gallus saying he wasn't there to witness the incident when he was to work with Ocellus and smolder when the few wonderif smolder calls for Gallus's attention when she drops her shorts and moons him next to Ocellus.

@Jonny Manz
With the insert of sandbar reacting to silver-stream's striped panty and yona's pink panty had the few wonder if just below the insert of sandbar could have the few say they want the insert of Gallus reacting to silver-stream's striped panty.

@Background Pony #E82B
Sandbar : "Gallus, may I speak with you in private?"
Gallus : "What is it, Sandbar?"
Sandbar : "Wind struck on the girls' dresses, and I saw panties."
Gallus : "What?! No kidding, who?"
Sandbar : "Yona, pretty pink. And Silverstream, blue striped panties."
Gallus : "Wow, nice catch, dude. I wish I was there if it wasn't my homework I have to work together with Ocellus and Smolder."
Sandbar : "Don't worry, mate. Just imagine that in your head, your girlfriend is quite the hottie."
Background Pony #E82B
Yona: "Uh…Yona think, dresses were bad idea!"
Silverstream: "Yeah, me too! Oh, I hope no-one is watching us!"
Sandbar (thinking): "Whoa, I…I can't look away!"
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Not long after silver-stream and yona learn not to wear dresses in windy conditions when it could be even more embarrassing when it was the day they forgot to wear panties when a gust of wind came along and lifted their sun dresses to show a crowd their lady bits when those hope sandbar just off screen is just as blushing.
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